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AIROD unveils new EP ‘Blackout’ on KNTXT

Charlotte de Witte conveyed her excitement about AIROD’s musical progression.

Photo credit: AIROD – Facebook

Paris-based DJ, producer, and label owner AIROD has launched his latest EP ‘Blackout’, which is now available via Charlotte de Witte’s label, KNTXT.

The opening track, ‘Blackout,’ impresses with its booming drums, warped synth lines, and a heartfelt female vocal that adds a human touch. ‘It’s Just A Dream’ exhibits a sense of immediacy, marked by rapid drum beats and mesmerising synth loops. ‘Wind Breaker’ features a ghostly lead that floats above the drumline, paired with futuristic vocal echoes and a dash of trance energy. The final track, ‘Balaclava,’ is the most intense, boasting powerful, metallic drums and eerie vocal echoes.

“With this EP, I aim to share the memories I’ve collected from each continent I’ve explored in the past few months,” says AIROD. “This collection of tracks will take you on a journey that is both melodic and exceptionally punchy, encapsulating all my experiences and emotions from these recent adventures. Each track adds a unique element to the listening experience, ranging from hard-hitting bangers to heavy melodies and relentless energy. Expect an unexpected twist in every tune that I hope will captivate your interest. The EP’s cover art represents the sensation of transformation experienced before and after listening.”

Charlotte de Witte expresses her enthusiasm, “Following AIROD’s musical evolution has been a delight, and it’s been great to connect with him on a deeper level,” de Witte remarks.

Listen to ‘Blackout’ below and download your copy here.

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