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Alan Fitzpatrick, Joel Mull and FRANGIE debut together on Drumcode

The producers and the band expanded their creative frontiers.

Drumcode is pleased to present the first-ever collaboration between Alan Fitzpatrick and Joel Mull, old friends and techno colleagues. The release, titled ‘We Don’t Know Anything Yet’, will feature a remix by Adam Beyer.

This collaboration saw its title inspired by the Buddhist saying ‘nothing is forever except change’. The duo worked with the Swedish band FRANGIE to create a techno track that explores existential questions about the future.

‘Listening to the track, it’s obviously very connected to what’s going on in the world right now. When I first heard it, I fell so in love with the parts that I decided to remix it on the spot. They are two members of the old school team, so the release is dear to my heart’, explained Drumcode boss Adam Beyer.

Listen to ‘We Don’t Know Anything Yet’ below and get your copy here.

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