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Alan Fitzpatrick remixes Shannon’s classic ‘Let The Music Play’

Jacques Greene and Claptone previously delivered remixes of classics for the label.

Alan Fitzpatrick has remixed Shannon’s hit ’80s hit song ‘Let The Music Play’. The remix premiered on May 14th via the Canadian label Unidisc.

To celebrate 40 years of history, Unidisc is using its wealth of dance music classics to create an exceptional collection of remixes from an all-star cast of today’s dance music talents, such as this reinterpreted 1983 track by a techno legend who needs no introduction.

‘Combining a hypnotic, syncopated drum beat with Shannon’s intriguing vocals and adding his own twist to the pioneering 303 bassline, Fitzpatrick’s signature big room techno sound permeates the club-ready remix. Meanwhile, his ‘6AM Terrace Mix’ lowers the intensity providing a more nostalgic ode to the original, but still brimming with contagious dancefloor energy,’ they say in the press release.

Listen to ‘Let the Music Play (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)’ below and find your copy here.

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