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Alberto Jossue – Surrender – Dance Artifakts

They say still waters run deep, and this seems to be the case with the ‘Surrender’ EP, Alberto Jossue’s latest offering on Dance Artifakts, which carries a peaceful, subdued vibe on its surface, but hides an infinite number of layers, effects and textures beneath. Two original tunes and a remix by Aquariox comprise this dubby, melodic release with a crisp production that highlights every detail of each track.

Opening track ‘Surrendered’ is a fresh slice of cool, collected beats that herald the transformation of winter into spring, marked by a solid, steady rhythm which builds up from skeletal percussion and wispy synths into deep, dubbed-out bliss. Seeming to levitate in the breakdown, the track relieves you of the burden of gravity for a few peaceful bars until bringing your feet down to the ground (and the dancefloor) when the bass drum once again kicks in.

A decidedly more direct approach is taken on ‘Rider’, a track where the rhythm takes front and center and influences every aspect of the production, from the stabbing filtered synths to the busy percussion in the background. Piano flourishes add elegance and musicality which, when combined with the dub sensibilities that permeate this record, produce a unique enveloping atmosphere and transform the tune into a hypnotic and soothing affair.

Closing the EP is a remix of ‘Rider’ by Aquariox, a Brooklyn DJ, producer and Dance Artifakts regular, who pushes the track even further into the stratosphere, but leaving the rhythm section very well grounded with pounding beats and rolling bassline, resulting in a production that tugs at both your feet and your mind at the same time.

In all, the ‘Surrender’ EP is a fine showcase for Alberto Jossue’s production and composition skills, with a great combination of cool beats, fresh vibes and musical sensibility. Once again, Dance Artifakts prove they’re out to bring us high-quality records that expand the sound of underground dance music.

Alberto Jossue’s ‘Surrender’ EP is already available on Dance Artifakts. Grab your copy here.

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