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Alejandro Mosso – Mosso007

Alejandro Mosso – mosso007

Argentinian producer Alejandro Mosso is pursuing his own blend of dance music, one where acoustic and electronic elements coexist in a very well achieved balance.

Engaging for the ears as well as for the feet, Mosso 07, his latest release on his very own Mosso Music label, contains two tracks that, while sharing this electronic-acoustic balance, are also very different in mood.

The A side, Kander’ has a livelier, sunnier feeling, with a shuffling beat alongside tribal percussion and bright synths in the background. It keeps a steady rhythm as the playful lead synth kicks in, helping to drive the tune forward.

On the flip side,‘Tikjda’ things get quirkier and quieter, though Mosso´s sense of rhythm is also very much present. Rolling percussion plays alongside the muted house beats that make the foundation for the oscillating pads and kinky effects that float atop, working remarkably well all together and creating a heady, hypnotic track.

Mosso 07 is the latest on Mosso Music´s series of records, where Alejandro looks to achieve an evolution of his sound, expanding it towards a wider musical spectrum while also keeping it dance floor friendly.

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