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Alex Galvan, Filizola – 2 Da Beat – Prison Entertainment

Alex Galvan, Filizola – 2 Da Beat – Prison Entertainment

Mexico City DJs and producers Alex Galvan and Filizola have become frequent collaborators, most recently in ‘Acapulco Golden’, the latest track from Galvan’s project, CASUAL SX, showcasing their compatibilities when coming up with fat, bouncy basslines and catchy vocal hooks that drink deeply from the influence of the classic house sound.

‘2 Da Beat’ is the latest result of the combination of Galvan and Filizola’s creativity in the studio, with two different versions of the title track, plus ‘This My Love’, another original track, closing the EP. All three tracks include the particular Latin swing that is patent in the producers´ sound, creating a definite party atmosphere full of rhythm and joy.

The title track comes in two different versions, where the bedrock foundation of bass and percussion changes skin, switching from the electronic, darker tones of the original version, to the shimmering, peak-time energy of the ‘Midnight Mix’. The original mix of ‘2 Da Beat’ puts on a more aggressive sound, backed by the decadent rhythm of its groove, where the buzzing synths take front stage. On the other hand, the ‘Midnight Mix’ morphs the tune into a classic house romp, complete with strings and piano stabs. In both versions, the vocals of Roberta Howett fill the space with a repeating vocal hook that is sure to end up deep inside your mind long after the song is over.

Closing the EP is the original tune ‘This My Love’, another exercise in good-time funky beats, complete with tropical guitar loops and a vocal sample that brings everything to a boil until the breakdown. Aimed directly at the peak-time hours, this track has the potential to create explosions on the dancefloor.

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