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Alex Galvan, Filizola – Tarantino’s House – Piston Recordings

Mexico City based producers Alex Galvan and Beto Filizola deliver their new ‘Tarantino’s House’ on Portuguese label Piston Recordings. The EP is a melodic, endlessly groovy house production that interplays harmoniously between funk, afro, soul and jazz elements.

The first track, ‘Tarantino’s House,’ is a minimal-inspired funky production with an ever-evolving groove composed of analog sounding percussion hits, jazzy hats and quirky sounds that add subtle but rich textures to the mix. With a bouncy and catchy bassline throughout, this song will keep you moving from start to finish.

‘Believe It’ follows up with an African sounding drum loop, Chicago House piano stabs, driving hats and claps, uplifting vocal snippets and funky guitar riffs. This one is a more “big-room” tune but maintains the organic and fresh sound that characterizes the collection.

All around a compelling proposal from Galvan and Filizola who deliver a carefully curated palette of sounds in productions that are objective yet defying.

Alex Galvan, Filizola’s ‘Tarantino’s House’ is out now on Piston Recordings. Grab your copy here.

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