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alias_j – Changes – Elevate

An artist with a cultured past venturing into new territory under a refreshing new moniker, alias_j, Jon Ojeda has existed throughout key eras of electronic music that have contributed to a newly readied artistic package. Inspired by many electronic greats, alias_j comes to the fore with an invigorating sonic palate – spanning the realms of Melodic House & Techno and Breaks. Building on over two decades of label operation, Jon already has some exciting releases locked in with prominent labels under his alias_j persona – including ‘Changes’, his debut release on Pig&Dan’s revered ELEVATE imprint.

Featuring his first 3 tracks to be released, ‘Changes‘ showcases alias_j’s technical prowess, but most importantly, an enchanting imagination that feels refreshing and most welcomed in a genre where, with a few exceptions, everything sounds like a copy of a copy. Exciting and convulsive, the American producer is bound to make waves with his calling card.

The EP opens with ‘Dominion Rising’, as a sequenced arpeggiator announces a future genesis before a relentless groove shifts into gear. Deep, yet solid, the jet black frame provides a powerful backdrop to alias_j’s menacing synthetic explorations. In mesmerizing fashion, synth lines twist and bend at will, contorting in unique shapes that defy imagination. A chrysalis, cracking open before our very eyes as we gaze at the beast in all its splendor come breakdown, instants before it is all washed away by the rising tide.

Equally dramatic, ‘Moving Again’ enters on the back of a throbbing strobe and a massive kick, while white noise washes break against the bedrock, setting a stark, yet mysterious ambiance. Entrancing throughout, pulsating sequences lead the way in a frantic manner, restless. Evoking the image of a comet blazing through the infinite darkness as it latches on to colorful nebulosus and iridescent shards of matter, alias_j devices a contraption that perpetually morphs as it burrows deep into our subconscious.

Wrapping up an outstanding debut EP, a mechanical ‘Difference Of Opinion’ unfurls over an earworm of a drone, slithering, drawing seamless shapes over the cold night. Meticulous, the North American artist conjures visions ghastly visions that contrast in a haunting manner, calling us at every twist and turn. Unpredictable, the growling track showcases alias_j’s penchant for gripping tunes that thrive on vivid imagery and palpable emotions.

A refreshing take on Melodic Techno, alias_j’s ‘Changes’ burns the traditional playbook, trading detuned horns and resonating leads for beautiful shapes and untapped colors, creating a bewitching trip where nothing is what it seems.

alias_j’s ‘Changes’ EP is out now via Pig & Dan’s Elevate imprint. Purchase your copy here.

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