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alias_j joins Chrom Recordings with ‘Recovery Loss’

The three-track EP is out now on Chrom Recordings.

San Francisco-based DJ & producer alias_j is back on the dancefloors with the drop of his brand new ‘Recovery Loss’ EP. The record is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms.

Showcasing three new tracks, alias_j’s the EP was written during the lockdown, and is brimming with raw, unbridled energy, representing the feelings of the artist at that point in time. Dark and broody, ‘Recovery Loss’ is a powerful addition to alias_j’s expanding catalog, and even sees the producer pushing boundaries as he delivers his first vocal performance ever on ‘The Fight’ alongside Nic McFiendish.

“I’m really excited about it. It’s a labor of love and the feedback has been great. It’s been fun to watch it pop up at festivals in DJ clips. All I’ve ever wanted was for people to play and hear my music!,” said alias_j in an exclusive interview with EG, which you can read here.

Listen to alias_j’s ‘Recovery Loss’ EP below, and purchase your copy of the record here.

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