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Alith Berndarn – Outside The Box – Aural Cynosures

Born inside a multi-cultural environment, Sherwin came in touch with the realm of electronic music & its endless possibilities of stimulating emotions. As Alith Berndarn, he tends to experiment in the spheres of electronica & electro-pop. Next to this, Sherwin is also a visual artist, focusing on 3D renderings and visuals, which he combines with his music. Now, Alith Berndarn stands behind the release of his two-track EP, ‘Outside The Box’, as he reflects on the loss of love and its’ aftermath.

‘We all are struggling with the repercussions of a break-up. It gets trickier when your former partner tries to play around with the situation. You’re wishing that the person stays in your life but also that you can go on. But once the person is completely gone, you’re feeling the impact of the break-up even more. Sometimes you need to act outside the box, outside the usual type of actions you make. Music in that perspective helps you to get your mind clear.’ says Alith Berndarn about the inspiration behind ‘Outside The Box’.

‘Stay’, the first notion conveyed by Berndarn, appears shrouded in haze and wildlife, and an iridescent sequence shimmers in mystery as it makes its way to an enchanting female voice that subdues listeners inside a gently broken beat. Here, reflections echo lost in indecision, confusing us as it leads us down to a bittersweet breakdown before the beat emerges from the depths of this bountiful place once again for a gorgeous second act.

Cut from a similar heart-string, ‘When You’re Gone’ rises in a more menacing manner with a meandering low-end that slithers into a lush, skitterish frame that contrasts against a melancholic vocal line in gripping fashion. It’s that winter walk in the cold, moon-bathed streets as the signs reflect on the grovel, while we think of what could be, or may have been; a delightful in-between through the most familiar of places.

Alith Berndarn’s ‘Out Of The Box’ is out now via Aural Cynosures. Purchase your copy here.

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