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Review: All Day I Dream Of Sublime Summertime

Review: All Day I Dream of Sublime Summertime

Photos and Text by Marite

Last Sunday was definitely a day to remember…

Against all forecasts, All Day I Dream was a flawless experience. The weather was showing thunderstorms for Sunday, and people took it so seriously that the Governor’s Ball, a large festival that was taking place over the weekend in the same island as ADID was cancelled. We were uncertain of how this party would still go on, but once we saw the confident messages on the Facebook event page saying that we should not worry; we headed to the boarding location without thinking it twice.


As we reached the Ferry’s pickup spot in downtown Manhattan, heavy winds and rain started happening. However, we kept going as good soldiers. Despite the rumors at the port of the party being cancelled, the ferry docked and waited a little until the weather improved. When we arrived at Governor’s Island, it was still raining but all the guests were happier than ever. There were colorful umbrellas moving around as people danced to Mike Khoury’s music.

The party was already packed and we could feel the energy increase as time went by. It was Death On The Balcony’s turn on the decks, and as the day’s colors started to change it kept getting more beautiful until we saw a double rainbow rise over the tent. As Lee said later on a Facebook post, “you can’t make that stuff up!” 


Once we got over that moment, we came back to the dancefloor and it was time for the master Lee Burridge to take control. We wouldn’t expect less from him, but his set was truly one for the books. He started in a mellow note. At certain points he played a sample that said “Summertime” that we could hear at the most appropriate moments. Later he started incorporating darker sounds when the night took over. It was truly a journey, in which the view, the people, the music, and the setting all came together for an unforgettable moment.

We can’t wait for the next ADID party in NYC!


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