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All Day I Dream took over Cova Santa Ibiza

As the rain clouds were starting to disperse and a double rainbow graced the skies of a humid and warm evening over the hill of San Jose, Cova Santa was warming up to a magical evening as we made our uphill ascent up the multi-layered club. The familiar strips of purple and blue lined the premises with decorative lanterns, wicca chandeliers and hanging vases of spilling pink wisteria flowers – a familiar inviting dazzling branding decor of the All Day I Dream concept.

Photo Credit: OFFBrandProject

Above the entrance, lay a walkway to the secret stalactite cavern. An outlandish wine cooler of the dining levels above, or a mystical escape buried deep under the main stage of the building, stalactites stone stairs leading you deeper down into the cooler calm and quiet. 6 flights of stairs below a stage and a few chairs were adorned with purple lights and 360 views of dripping mineral icicles. We were told by our lovely hosts that on occasion some secret performances and ceremonies were held here – and no wonder. The space held something quite holy and peaceful and was perfectly secluded from all the mischief that happens above.

Pipi Ciez took the stage first, and his performance was nothing short of mesmerizing. His signature dreamy and melodic soundscapes resonated perfectly with the setting sun, creating an ethereal vibe that captivated the crowd. The blend of deep house and progressive beats ensured a seamless flow of music, inviting everyone to dance and lose themselves in the moment with his signature track. The DJ’s ability to curate a musical journey is unparalleled, and he undoubtedly lived up to his reputation as a master of the decks and it was obvious that he was having a great time doing so.

Lee Burridge followed with an equally exceptional set, taking the energy level up a notch. His unique fusion of tribal rhythms and soulful melodies set the dancefloor on fire. The crowd responded with enthusiasm, moving in sync with the infectious beats. Burridge’s performance showcased his profound connection with the audience, effortlessly guiding them through a diverse range of emotions. It was evident that both artists had a genuine passion for their craft, and their sets left a lasting impression on the partygoers.

Moving on to the culinary experience at the Gastroclub & Mixology located on the upper deck, I was treated to an extraordinary dining affair. Welcomes with Malibu-soaked pineapple canap├ęs and hickory smoked Cova Santa-branded bread to excellent Mezcalitas and delicious variations of the classic ceviche, the food, and drink do live up to the hype. The restaurant’s elevated position offered breathtaking views of the mountainous Ibiza landscape, providing a serene escape from the dancefloor – yet with perfect views of all the dancing going on downstairs. The menu featured a delightful array of dishes, creatively prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From delectable seafood delicacies to vegan delights, the restaurant catered to a diverse range of palates. The attentive staff and impeccable service further elevated the dining experience, making it a delightful highlight of the evening.

At 11 pm, honoring the sound curfew, the performances moved indoors to the clubs beneath and the night continued with sets by Jim Rider vs Tommy Raffa, Facundo Mohrr, and Rodrigo Valdovinos. With a perfect start-to-finish experience, it is safe to say that Cova Santa is a beautiful space to bring together beautifully curated sounds, drinks, and food experiences and kindred spirits who seek the same kind of musical and spiritual journey.

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