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ALX: “It’s hard to get tired when there’s a good vibe going”

Miami native Alex “ALX” Sanchez has been fueling his desire to continue honing his reputation as an artist who is known for his distinctive beat, style and sound. His unique attributes have garnished him the lauded position as resident DJ at Miami’s Club Space.

We were happy to have the opportunity to catch up with ALX. His latest EP “Grey” is released on New York-based label, Waveform Recordings owned by internationally known Victor Calderone. The EP highlights ALX’s signature dark and groovy sound, with commanding vocals laid over a bed of steady bass and a hypnotic, winding rhythm.

Electronic Groove: Thank you so much ALX for taking the time to chat with us. We are always excited and proud to showcase Miami’s budding and talented artists. I want to begin by asking you how long it took you to find your own sound as a DJ and as a Producer?

ALX: Thanks for chatting with me! I’ve been DJing now for roughly 7 years, but it wasn’t really until the past year when I truly found my style and sound. It’s difficult in this industry, especially when you’re starting off because you can’t always play exactly how you want. Sometimes you need to tweak your sound based on the venue, the city, the time of the party etc. So yes, it feels really good to say that I’ve genuinely found my sound.

Electronic Groove: You just came off of playing the industry’s largest Conference ADE, can you tell us your experience and what connections you made in terms of music relationships and collaborations?

ALX: My experience at ADE was amazing! I can definitely say that until ADE, I’d never seen a festival/ conference to that scale. It was great to see and meet so many like-minded people in this industry. In terms of relationships, it was great to see my friends Pan-Pot before I catch up with them again at Movement Puerto Rico. And as far as the gig went — it was great. The venue was small, but very intimate. We had an awesome crowd and it was really nice to chat with all the different artists playing the event.

“In Miami, you can find all different types of music, venues and crowds, so the people do have a great grasp on the music”

Electronic Groove: As an admired and respected resident DJ at one of the world’s most iconic clubs, Space Miami, how would you compare the Miami or North American dance music culture vs the scene over in Europe?

ALX: After playing not only in Amsterdam, but also being in parts of Germany, I can say that Miami’s culture is in fact very educated when it comes to music. In Miami, you can find all different types of music, venues and crowds, so the people do have a great grasp on the music. With that said, the energy from the crowd in Europe was something special – but it’s special in Miami too 🙂

Electronic Groove: Talk us through your latest release – what inspired or influenced it? Where did you start and what gear did you use?

ALX: In almost all of my productions, I usually start from a particular feeling, but with “Grey”, I wanted to create something special for Victor since he is someone I’ve always looked up to. I was obviously very happy to see he liked the tracks. As for the production, I began where I start all my tracks: with a bassline and a kick. I used the Moog Sub phatty for the low ends, then I bounced between Native Instruments Maschine and Komplete Kontrol and the push.

“You can’t rush something like this, it took me a year to get it running and to where I wanted before Descend officially launched”

Electronic Groove: How important do you think it is for an artist to be flexible in their vision of how their music, brand or label is to be executed or seen as? What led you to the foundation of your current label, Descend?

ALX: I always knew I wanted a label of my own. But more than just a label, Descend is an entire brand with its own parties. I just felt like now was the perfect time to get started. You can’t rush something like this, it took me a year to get it running and to where I wanted before Descend officially launched.

Electronic Groove: In an interview with ‘Beyond the Drop’ you mentioned that you envisioned your residency at Space Miami so vividly that you managed to make that vision come to fruition within a year’s time on your birthday. What are some of the steps you needed to take to make that happen? What obstacles did you encounter?

ALX: I worked very hard to find my sound and grow my name in Miami before I had the opportunity to play and become a resident at Space. I also knew that when I played at Space, I’d always have to play at a high level in order to gain a crowd and ultimately, to gain support from industry people, both within and outside the club.


Electronic Groove: The terrace at Club Space Miami is notorious for it’s long and intense sets, how do you physically and mentally prepare for the intensity of such sets?

ALX: Hmmm… I usually try to wake up early on the Saturday. Ill try to take a long nap and make sure I have a good meal in me before I head over. But once you’re there, I just ride off the energy in the crowd. It’s hard to get tired when there’s a good vibe going.

Electronic Groove: You’re recently played at Movement Puerto Rico alongside some of techno greats such as, Pan-Pot, Loco Dice, and Stacey Pullen, it’s clear that your arduous efforts are paying off by being a part of such impacting bookings. What advice do you have for up and coming artists who aspire to attain such levels of success?

ALX: Work hard – find your sound – be very patient. Don’t do anything just for the sake of doing it, make sure your work has a purpose. And don’t stop working on music, because at the end of the day, production is the most important part!

Electronic Groove: The relationship with the audience is crucial for a DJ, and yet it seems to be a fragile one. How do you see the balance between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new?

ALX: That’s always the big test for the most part, especially when you play a new city or new club. It’s all part of being yourself, while also giving audiences what they want. My approach has always been to bring audiences in with what they want to hear, and then gradually you begin to drift — playing what you want, while educating them.

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