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AM.I shares 5 healthy tips for DJs and Producers’ daily life

AM.I stands for unapologetically losing yourself in that moment where music explodes into an array of color and feel. Whilst writing and composing her own typical melodic sound, she enters a world that is entirely her own. And by slowly conquering the Belgian nightlife and beyond, she allows everybody who’s looking for a magical night to enter the said world.

Starting in 2016, AM.I started producing original tracks with a sharp and dark edge that reintroduces melodic techno music in a whole new, fresh, and unexpected manner. Follow her through this vibing, humming an enticing rabbit hole and discover how her unique voice subtly references to her biggest influences from the soundtrack music of Hans Zimmer to Linkin Park.

Prepare for an immersive experience that will introduce you to darkness as well as light, closely interwoven with each other – testing limits and boundaries in a vivacious ocean of rhythm.

Today AM.I shares 5 healthy tips for DJs and Producers’ daily life.

1. Healthy food

The best thing about producing at home is that you can prepare some fresh foodies. From vegetables to healthy shakes or smoothies. Start your day with some good coffee or green Matcha tea, combined with some veggie yogurt, fruits (berries or banana), and fresh granola. With this fresh start of the day, producing gets a little bit easier.

2. Take a break

It’s so important to take a break from the screen and studio. Especially for your ears, as they need a reset once and a while. I like to go for a run (with a new track, listening to what to improve), a walk, or get a nice takeaway coffee with a friend. Anything that distracts you from looking at the screen, the arrangement, and those studio monitors.

3. Intermittent Fastening

Since a couple of months, I’ve started researching about IF. What it is? What does it do to your body and mind? When to do it (or as important: when not to do it) and how to do it? IF is a simple way of handling our everyday food intake (it’s not a diet, I can’t handle those). As we live in a sugar consumed society and as producers (we’re always sitting on a chair or as a DJ on the road), it’s important not to lose yourself in chocolate & cookies or bad eating habits & alcohol. That’s why I started doing IF, the 16:8 routine. 16 hours of fastening and an 8-hour food window. During this food window, I eat healthy foods and extra protein. Mostly veggie or vegan 5/7 days. The benefits? Better sleep (I had problems with insomnia, now they’re almost gone!), feeling better, looking better and I haven’t been ill in a long time. During COVID-19 it’s important to keep our immune system up to date. If you’re interested in this, just let yourself go on Google. It’s full of helpful tips and tricks about IF.

4. Sleep

Probably the most important of all. I’ve been dealing with sleeping problems since I was 14 years old and of course, I’ve done it all: meditating, pills, apps to help you sleep, … So, I want to emphasize how important it is to get those 8 hours of sleep (which means being in bed 9 – 10 hours). To help me get the best sleep and working rhythm, I’ve been using Whoop to track how much sleep I need or when I can’t work out because of a bad night. A good rest helps you keep focus. I’m pro-night-time sleep and producing in the morning/by day. When the music sounds good with fresh ears, it will sound good on the dancefloor!

5. Working out

Last but not least, workouts! Running and CrossFit are my two main occupations during the week. Running to clear my head and CrossFit to release some excessive energy. It keeps the balance between cardio and strength. I’m very active behind the decks (dancing all the time), so I need to keep up my stamina! Something for your mind, your body, and your soul.

AM.I’s ‘Green Light’ EP is now available via Ballroom Records. Grab your copy here

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