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Amazingblaze joins KNTXT with ‘Touch The Sky’

A four-track techno affair.

Photo Credit: Amazingblaze – Official

Amazingblaze has recently launched his latest EP, ‘Touch The Sky.’ The EP merges his early influences with modern styles and is now available on KNTXT.

First is ‘Touch The Sky,’ a dynamic techno piece mixed with trance synths and emotional vocals. ‘Kaleidoscope’ follows, delivering a potent techno beat and synth flashes, crafted to align perfectly with any club’s strobe lights. ‘Thank You, God Always’ is a direct hard techno track, complemented by vibrant, energetic synths. Finally, ‘Habits,’ presents a rapid trance techno rhythm, enhanced with a classic vocal sample and dreamy, hypnotic vocal elements.

About the EP, Amazingblaze said, ‘Touch The Sky’ is a blend of emotions of early trance with the shape of a modern look. From start to finish it’s catching you with pleasant pressure and doesn’t let you go. Really proud of this one!”

Listen to ‘Touch The Sky’ below and download your copy here.

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