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Amir Telem announces ‘The Path to Vrindavan’ via Crossings

Now available for pre-order.

Crossings, the London-based boutique electronic music label, has recently  announced the debut EP by Amir Telem entitled ‘The Path to Vrindavan,’ to be out on June 22nd, 2023.

Consisting of two original tracks,  ‘The Path to Vrindavan’ and ‘Hope Against Hope’,  plus a remix by Death on the Balcony, the release represents a significant milestone in Amir Telem’s career, showcasing his talent as a producer and further establishing his presence within the music industry. The collaboration with Death on the Balcony adds an extra layer of intrigue to the offering, promising to captivate the ears of electronic music enthusiasts.

Crossings, as a label, prides itself on providing a platform for artists and local heroes from diverse backgrounds to connect and thrive within their respective communities. With their commitment to curating outstanding electronic music releases, the imprint has solidified its position as a reputable and forward-thinking label in the industry.

Amir Telen’s ‘The Path to Vrindavan’  is now available to pre-order. Listen to the premiere of the Death on the Balcony remix below and grab your copy here .

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