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Amsterdam Club De School Closes Its Doors

Amsterdam club De School closes its doors

The club is the latest to go down under the coronavirus crisis.

According to a statement issued by the venue itself, the Dutch club De School will not reopen the doors of its club when the COVID-19 pandemic ends, although its cafeteria and restaurant will remain open.

Citing the terrible financial crisis in which the Amsterdam club has been plunged into by confinement, the promoter of the club has also had to deal with serious accusations of racism in recent weeks, which they tried to solve by announcing the hiring of new personnel from different ethnic groups and by attending to the problems caused by their security team at the door for a long time.

You can read the full statement by De School below:

‘We, the owners of De School, are sad to announce that the club will close. In recent weeks we had been working to form a new team and create new plans, but now the financial reality of the situation has overcome us.

At the end of last week, we received the latest monthly reports, which were the first to represent the new situation since we were forced to close the club back in March. Unfortunately, it is much worse than we expected. The bottom line is that debts are piling up. Not only for the cost of uncovered personnel but also for the other ongoing costs. Acting now and making this difficult decision can prevent the total bankruptcy of our company Post CS (11, TROUW).

Since the club closed in March, we have done our best to keep all staff employed and paid. We remained ambitious and hopeful about the future. However, the increase in current COVID-19 numbers and the lack of prospects have forced us to terminate all club and office contracts, meaning the club will cease to exist. The bar, terrace, and restaurant will remain open.

With pain in our hearts, we have had to make this decision and we want to thank everyone who made this club what it became.’

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