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Amsterdam’s De School to re-open next month

Photo Credit: De School – Facebook

For a ’16-month long finale’.

Revered Amsterdam venue De School is set to re-open its doors this September 6th, 2022. The iconic location had originally closed back in March 2020, and is now looking to bow out in style with a ’16-month long finale’, finally shutting operations in January 2024.

The space has been completely refurbished with a brand new layout for its grand re-opening, while the director of operations Erdal Kiran has announced a change in team policies and house rules. Extended daytime events schedule including workshops and education projects have also been announced, in a clear nod to the building’s history as a former school.

Addressing the venue’s well-known lack of diversity among residents, allegations of racial profiling, and exploitative practices from security staff in the past, Krian also said: “We have spent the past year having those conversations, listening to many of the people involved and affected, focusing on our responsibility towards our community, and creating new and much-needed structures. The team we have in place now represents the heart, soul and roots of nightlife and we can’t wait to see how they express themselves. From now on we will have to show what we have learned.”

Learn more about De School’s re-opening schedule here.

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