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An intimate night with Alex O’Rion at La Biblioteca

Intimate and inviting, La Biblioteca has become one of Buenos Aires’ premier venues for nights like the one Alex O’Rion and production agency FP BEATS had in store for a select 300 attendees this past Saturday 4th. As I stepped off the bus, which left me a convenient 3 blocks away from the spot, a most welcomed cool breeze clashing with the hot summer nights of the Argentine capital could be felt running free as I made my way to La Biblioteca’s ‘hidden’ entrance.

Inside, an antique-style library awaits, complete with walls of books on the sides of the main floor – which also provide a rich, warm acoustic that did not go unnoticed by more – and lush decor. Up front, the Figueras duo & Poli Siufi were in charge of setting the mood with a pristine, slow-burning set that would eventually catch some serious flames, perfectly capitalizing each moment. Receptive, the crowd was brimming with anticipation, and pushed Figueras & Poli Siufi into the bonfire, as we all melted into one.

With a picture-perfect frame, it was time for the flying Dutchman to take the stage in Buenos Aires for the first time ever. A rapturous ovation welcomed a barrage of soaring moments and intricate reverb-drenched melodies from an artist that once was knee-deep in trance music, and now translates all that magic into pure, unadulterated progressive wonders that infiltrate the senses, overloading bodies with innate passion. A blistering presentation etched in the souls of a lucky 300 attendees that saw Alex O’Rion burn through fan-favorites such as ‘Navagio’, his highly acclaimed remixes, and even his newly dropped gems on Argentine powerhouse Sudbeat.

More than just an electric presentation, Alex O’Rion gave himself into the loving arms of a crowd that’s been patiently and eagerly waiting for the first coming of one of progressive house’s most exciting talents in recent years. These must be the first lines of an enduring romance.

Listen to Alex O’Rion’s ‘Castle In The Sky’ EP for Sudbeat below, and check out some of the most memorable moments from his presentation at La Biblioteca for FP BEATS.

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