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Anabel Englund premieres single in collaboration with Jamie Jones

The release is now available via Area10 / Ultra Music.

‘Messing With Magic’ is the name of the main song of the solo debut album that Anabel Englund will present in 2020, which also will be titled as the aforementioned track.

In this first single, the singer, songwriter and producer unites her talent with Jamie Jones, founder and curator of Hot Creations and Paradise, with whom she managed to capture a fascinating dichotomy between a bright, carefree and dark song at the same time.

“When I write songs, at the time, I think I’m writing about one thing. It isn’t until months later that I realize I was actually writing about all these underlying, deeper meanings that I couldn’t see at the time, making the lyrics feel more powerful and sincere,” says Englund.

Buy and stream here.


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