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Anathema Records celebrates 6-year anniversary with Frankey & Sandrino

A new offering to the gods of groove.

Mexican imprint Anathema Records is celebrating its 6-year anniversary in collaboration with the boutique mix series Patterns Audio, on the next Friday, August 26th, 2022. The gathering will take place at Juarez’s city iconic Hardpop club.

For this very special achievement, Anathema Records will be showcasing the talents of renowned German duo Frankey & Sandrino (Crosstown Rebels, Innvervisions, Bedrock Records). The label’s co-founder Fec (Mexico), and CHE B2B NĒMM (Patterns Audio, Anathema) will be providing further support across the evening.

Anathema Records’ 6th year anniversary will take place this Friday, August 26th. You can purchase your tickets at Le’Puff Smoke Shop (Plaza Consular y Plaza Aurum).

Listen to Fec’s latest session for Anathema Records series here.

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