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Andrey Sirotkin – Her Soul Sparkles

Produced by Kyiv-based DJ & producer Andrey Sirotkin before the war in Ukraine, ‘Her Soul Sparkles’ wonderous techno affaire, inspired by the concept of ‘the soul of every human being’, as ‘the soul is a tender instance that keeps the connection to all the best in the world: love, kindness, joy, happiness, empathy, compassion.’

In Sirotkin’s new creation, profound kickdrums laced with swaying chords and dazzling white noise effects descend into obscure depths to unearth a glittering arpeggio that disappears into the ether, only for the process to repeat itself, plunging each time deeper inside ‘her soul’. With extreme care, Andrey unveils a new sonic layer as beauty unfurls at every turn. From lingering chord stabs to raving claps, and on to delectable synth swells and quivering leads shrouded in mystery, ‘Her Soul Sparkles’ evolves with every twist into a gripping and powerful cut that manages to conjure a sense of intimacy and amazement. It’s the realization that we’re standing before something bigger than ourselves. A definitive modern love letter.

Andrey Sirotkin’s ‘Her Soul Sparkles’ is out now. Purchase your copy here.

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