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Franco Alexander – Andromeda (Future Culture Recors)

Miami talent Franco Alexander releases Andromeda EP, a collection of two tracks that expose Alexander’s club sound influences and his ever-groovy interpretation of dance music.

The first track ‘Andromeda’ is a great opening –or closing- 10-minute production that delicately blends funky percussion with beautiful dreamy pads, deep basslines and trippy vocals.

Second one, ‘Acide 11’ comes in with a punchier kick, hard-hitting claps and a strong hi-hat game. Driven by its punchy bassline, this one is a bomb to be thrown during the peak segment of the night.

Both tracks show Alexander’s elegant taste in club music through their organic sound, balancing classic house elements and contemporary textures, all while taking the listener into a mind trip of its own.

Franco Alexander’s ‘Andromeda’ EP is out August 18th, via Future Culture Records. Grab your copy here.

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