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Andy Manumission revives Ibiza’s ’90s nightlife with ‘Mondays at Pikes’

Scheduled to run from 29th April to 19th August 2024.

Andy Manumission, the renowned party impresario, is launching a series of events called ‘Mondays’ at the Pikes Hotel in Ibiza. The series, set to run from 29th April to 19th August 2024, aims to revive the dynamism of the island’s Monday nightlife from the early ’90s, known as the Manumission era.

Pikes’ owner, Andy McKay, is the driving force behind these Monday nights. Having promoted some of the most iconic club events, McKay is shifting the nightlife focus back to the music and the dance floor, moving away from filming events and highlighting superstar DJs.

The ‘Mondays at Pikes’ series will host a blend of familiar faces and new talent, creating a space where DJs can freely express their musical creativity. The series will feature surprise line-ups, adding a sense of mystery and spontaneity. McKay is also implementing a no-photo policy and name tags for attendees to promote a more sociable and interactive environment.

Reflecting on his return as Andy Manumission, McKay said, “Returning to my alter ego Andy Manumission has sent memories flooding back. It’s great to remember the cultural significance of that Manumission era and I am very excited about kicking back against the DJ worship era and returning to a party where the focus is the people and the dance floor. I feel the values of that time are missed so let’s bring them back.”

More information is available here.

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