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Andy Tuohy Immortalizes 17 Electronic Music Icons On ‘Gods Of Synth’

Andy Tuohy immortalizes 17 electronic music icons on ‘Gods of Synth’

Each design has a limited edition of 100 pieces signed by the artist.

Illustrator and designer Andy Tuohy has released ‘Gods of Synth’, a new printed collection that seeks to immortalize 17 outstanding figures of electronic music through a style that brings us back to the art of the 80s, in which he used a palette minimum of 2 to 3 colors and dotted shading for nuances.

The designs feature images from The Prodigy, The Belleville Three, New Order, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Eurythmics, Devo, Stanton Warriors, Wendy Carlos, Delia Derbyshire, among other top names on the electronic scene.

“The new wave synth movement was a big influence on my adolescence. It was not just the music, it was the graphic and video images associated with the artists (…). They were pushing the limits of technology to create something unique that, 40 years later, still feels current and fresh”, says Andy Tuohy.

The pieces measure 40 cm x 40 cm and are giclée printed on Hahnemühle heavyweight paper for artwork. Each has a cost of £ 130 and can be purchased here. Check out the designs below.


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