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Anechoic inspires on the orbit and gravity on ‘Geosynchronus Orbit’

Photo Credit: Lea Malkah

Out now via Concrete.

Moroccan-born artist Anechoic has just unveiled his latest body of work with the release of his new ‘Geosynchronus Orbit’ EP. The new record is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms via Concrete Records.

Inspired by “the orbit and the gravity from a smallest subatomic particle to the largest star”, Anechoic’s new ‘Geosynchronus Orbit’ EP showcases four new original cuts, plus a 5th one that is available with a digital download code. According to the artist, the new record was “constructed to represent the repeating path that one object can take around another one”.

“Imagine all of the five tracks playing together, everyone has an eccentricity different from zero to the center, each one has its own path, and a certain amount of time to make one complete orbit, this is the analogy with the concept EP ‘Geosynchronous Orbit’ further elaborates the author.

Listen to Anechoic’s new ‘Geosynchronus Orbit’ EP below, and grab your copy of the EP here.


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