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Anja Schneider Starts A New Label, Leaves Mobilee

Anja Schneider starts a new label, leaves Mobilee

The Berlin-based artist moves in a new direction.

German DJ and producer Anja Schneider has recently revealed on her Facebook account that she’s moving away from Mobilee Records, the label where she has been teaming up with Ralf Kollmann during the last 12 years.

On the note she explains that it’s time to explore new creative projects and that she’s releasing a new imprint named SoUS Music in the next months. Also, she informed her new album will be out soon, following 2008’s ‘Beyond the Valley’ one.

She added, “SoUS will be the most personal project of my career. The name comes from my family and connects me to my roots – which for me, has provided the foundation for my lifelong passion and career in music. My family has supported me at every stage of my career and I would not be here without them. Likewise, every single key relationship in my life has come about through music. This simple connection is what the label is about. I can’t wait to share it with you, and invite you all to join me for this next chapter, so it becomes ‘So Us’.”

Mobilee will continue with business as usual managed by the previous label’s team.

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