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ANNA Debuts On Kompakt

ANNA debuts on Kompakt

The Brazil-born, Barcelona-based DJ and producer releases her ‘biggest track’ to date.

ANNA moves forward with her Kompakt debut with a two-track EP. The pair of tracks highlighted gigs all throughout 2017, including her gigs at Movement Festival, DC10, and fabric. The first one ‘Hidden Beauties’ dominates the A-side with raw bass power and sizzling drops of acid, while the flipside brings you ‘The Dantsant’, one of these spiraling minimalistic techno bangers that just seem to grow indefinitely.

The release is also a personal milestone for her, as Kompakt’s records have always been a staple in her sets: “I have so many records from Kompakt, I’ve had them since I started, and even though I played so many different styles through the years, I can safely say that Kompakt has always been in my crate.” Her very own release on the label, however, seemed “like a distant dream”, she says.

ANNA’S Speicher 101 is now available, grab your copy here.

Listen to the snippets below.

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