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Metronomy’s Anna Prior drifts through the nightclub in ‘Tech Não’

The single is accompanied by an AI-directed music video.

Photo credit: Daniel Mutton / Morgan Hislop

London-based DJ, producer, and Metronomy drummer Anna Prior has recently released her latest single, ‘Tech Não’, in collaboration with House Anxiety. This track serves as a preview of her upcoming project, which is set to be released in early summer.

‘Tech Não’ is the first release from Anna Prior’s upcoming project, accompanied by an A.I.-directed music video created by Tom Furse. The video takes viewers into a dynamic and ever-changing nightclub, capturing the essence of uncertainty conveyed in the song’s lyrics.

Inspired by her time living in Portugal, ‘Tech Não’ explores the emotions of feeling lost and anxious in a nightclub. Anna Prior’s lyrics delve into the experience of losing friends in a crowd, vulnerability, and the disorienting feeling when reality becomes blurred.

Anna Prior combines electronic beats with her drumming background, resulting in a percussive sound. Influenced by her Soho Radio show and DJ sets, Anna Prior creates an exploratory and rhythmic style. Drawing from her musical education in the ’90s, she incorporates pop sensibilities and synthesizer instrumentation that pays homage to the sounds of the ’80s and mid-2000s.

With Metronomy on hiatus, Anna Prior is now focusing on her solo career.

Watch and listen to ‘Tech Não’ below and get your copy here.

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