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Aparde will return to dark sounds on his album ‘Alliance’

The album will land in May via Ki Records.

The German musician Aparde puts aside his experimentations with avant-garde pop music to take refuge in the world of deep and dark electronics in his new album ‘Alliance’.

It is composed of 8 songs, it is an intimate material in which the vulnerability of the musician seeps through the cracks, instead of occupying a central place. Regarding the sound, he used a mixture of electronic sounds, analog equipment, and his own voice as a sound element or lyrical component to explore this duality of sound.

‘This album was about focusing on something that calmed me and took me away from reality’, says Aparde. ‘Even though the album focuses on electronic equipment, the music cannot be danced to, the tracks have a ruminant, even haunting rhythm. I wanted to make the tracks with more room to breathe between the atmosphere and the silence. There are fewer elements but more impact, I think’, added the artist.

The album will be released on May 28th. Pre-order your copy here.


1. Locked
2. Allies
3. Unfamiliar
4. Lined
5. The Shift
6. Hole
7. Know You
8. End

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