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Aphex Twin link up with Dave Griffiths to share a free sound design software

A concept conceived over 20 years ago.

Aphex Twin and sound engineer Dave Griffiths have linked up to present their free sound design software, Samplebrain. Described as a “custom sample mashing app”, the project was designed by Richard D. James better known as Aphex Twin, and built by Griffiths.

“This idea came about a long time ago, not sure exactly when, 2002-ish, but when mp3s started to become a thing, when for the first time there were a ton of them sitting on my hard drive and the brilliant Shazam had recently launched.

Started thinking ‘hmm all this music sitting there, maybe it can be used for something else other than just playing or DJing (hi Atomixmp3 & rudimentary max/msp patches).’ I had originally contacted the founders of Shazam to discuss further creative uses of their genius idea but they were busy making an automatic DJ program. I still think Shazam could be re-purposed for something incredible but in the meantime we have Samplebrain.” explained James on a social media post.

You can read the full description of Samplebrain by Aphex Twin below, and try out the software here.


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