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Argy shares five tips to make the most out of every studio session

UK-based and Greek-born artist Argy has carved out a reputation for himself in the scene with his consistently solid releases, signing music to respected imprints such as Play It Say It, Cuttin’ Headz, Rebirth, and Desolat. He’s worked alongside a range of key figures in the industry including Kerri Chandler and Manuel Göttsching, as well as holding down residencies at Amnesia, Space, Destino, and Pacha as well as regular appearances at Berlin’s Panorama Bar.

Off the back of his recent acclaimed LP ‘Interior Journey’, Argy now presents the second remix package from the album,  featuring the talents of Rodriguez Jr., Magit Cacoon, and Loew.

To landmark the release of ‘The Interior Journey Remixes – Part 2’, which is now available via Renaissance Records, Argy shares with us 5 tips for the studio.

1. Finish the damn track!

If you are not 100% sure about a track, maybe it’s just a good loop and nothing else and you are tempted not to arrange it …I would say 1000% arrange it and bounce it. The moment you are playing around with a track is not the best time to evaluate it. Finish the arrangement, bounce it and listen to it again in a week. If it sounds too simple or not strong enough on that day, maybe it will sound totally different on another day! Creative days are not judgment days!

2. Embrace naivety

Don’t be too critical or too paranoid about your market. Never forget that 99.9% of your listeners are not specialists and in fact, almost no so-called ‘specialists’ will ever listen to your music. Try to embrace naivety and think more simply, as sometimes the best music isn’t overly ‘smart’ or complicated. Some call it ‘dumb it down’, but I call it being pragmatic…Make sure you understand what your market is. Don’t trip!

3. Ask for help

The whole secrecy thing never worked for me. I play my songs to everyone, including my family, who are clueless about music. I find my mates’ opinions useful and make changes along the way. Never did any friend or colleague made my track worse than it was with their feedback! It tends to be the opposite!

4. Embrace the mess

My best studio sessions were the ones when the studio was at its messiest state. Cables everywhere, empty coffee cups everywhere, unplugged gear on the floor, clothes, books, and even food packaging. A clean studio for me is a clear sign of boredom. When things are happening I tend to be messy. When I am in tidy mode, I am probably too lazy to make music and procrastinate by cleaning the room.

5. Catch up on emails

If the last thing you want to do today is to produce a new track then just take a walk or work on admin stuff. If you hate it, it’s definitely not worth it unless you are at the final stages of a mixdown maybe. But if you can’t stand being in the studio, then don’t force it. There are always a ton of emails that are waiting for you to catch up on.

Purchase your copy of Argy’s ‘The Interior Journey Remixes – Part 2’ here.

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