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Listen to Arky Waters’ new EP ‘Bumper’

Now available through Mammal Sounds Records.

Photo Credit: Monster Machine

Australian artist Arky Waters has released his new EP entitled ‘Bumper’, following the successful launch of his singles ‘Take My Time’, ‘Gum’, and ‘Hercules’. Along with the EP release, the previously unrevealed title track has also been introduced. ‘Bumper’ is now available through Mammal Sounds Records.

‘Bumper’ is Waters’ tribute to the diverse dance music styles he experiences every weekend in Sydney. His music caters to a wide audience, from techno enthusiasts to UKG ravers, reflecting the various music styles he encounters. Waters says, “The best part is they’re all pushing music that they love. I guess I wanted to honor all the people that I’ve met along the way – something for the techno heads, the junglists and UKG ravers. Best part is everyone listens to everything nowadays, and you see similar faces everywhere you go. I will forever be a student of electronic music and I think this EP is a reflection of that.”

Waters’ distinctive sound, a mix of breakbeat, jungle, and tech-house electronica, has drawn comparisons to Nia Archives, Overmono, and Bicep, while retaining a distinctive flavor that is entirely his own.

Listen to ‘Bumper’ below and download your copy here.


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