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Art Department’s Jonny White Launches ‘Music Against Animal Cruelty’ Non-profit Organization

Art Department’s Jonny White launches ‘Music Against Animal Cruelty’ non-profit organization

The first fundraiser will be taking place on July 1st at Kenya.

Jonny White of Art Department alongside industry figure Wade Cawood and ‘Tears for Tigers’ founder Jack Baucher have created a non-profit organization named MAAC (Music Against Animal Cruelty). The new venture looks forward to curate high profile fundraising events, linking music industry performers and fans with entities working to save endangered animals.

Passionate about wildlife conservation, White’s non-profit Social Experiment label has been fundraising for animal welfare for the last seven years. ‘”Electronic music reaches literally millions worldwide, and is a virtually untapped resource for wildlife conservation”, he commented. “Our plan with MAAC is to galvanize a worldwide collective of like-minded individuals to make a meaningful difference.”

A MAAC Ambassador programme was also created allowing artists and promoters to get involved in everything from social media support and donating exclusive productions/mixes or memorabilia, to playing at MAAC events and organising their own fundraisers.

The first MAAC’s fundraiser will be taking place on July 1st in Kenya to support the Lion Guardians Organization, and counting with Art Department, Foozak, Suraj, Dylan-S and The Legend.

For more info about the event and donations click here.

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