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Art Basel 2022: ‘Art Of Cuisine’ industry dinner

An evening of delicious cuisine and inspiring conversations with industry leaders.

‘Art of Cuisine: Featuring The Feast’ is set to bring together the art and music community for a night of artistic cuisine and inspiration-filled conversations with industry leaders from sustainable fashion, design, art, tech, music, and climate. The gathering will take place this Thursday, December 1st, 2022 at Mr.Mandolin (7301 Biscayne Boulevard) in Miami.

In collaboration with Tamago, Parties4Peace, Electronic Groove, Listed Productions, Mr. Mandolin, Seaworthy Collective, Far Away Projects, Ocean Currency Network, Peace Boat US, Blkmarket, T-bag Records, Phocus Creative, Ostara, Thirsty Thirsty, and Moon 31, ‘Art Of Cuisine’ will provide a space for creatives and artists to come together this year at Art Basel for this special dinner event.

Everyone is welcome and proceeds from the evening’s dinner will go towards non-profit organizations that are working to create a more sustainable future for all.

You can learn more and purchase your entry here.

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