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Art Vibes Celebrates Its 5 Year Anniversary With A Special Release

Art Vibes celebrates its 5 year anniversary with a special release

Fusing different styles and inspirations.

In order to celebrate its 5th anniversary, Art Vibes has released a new compilation entitled ‘Reworks II’ featuring 20 new versions of their early catalog tracks.

In this occasion, the Paris-based imprint has released this album that looks forward to being a “medium for dance, relaxation and art enlightenment”, counting with a long list of artists including Anatolian Sessions, Arjuna Schiks, Ask and Midø, Beyond Physical, Dizharmonia, Estray, Haze-M, Hrag Mikkel, Kapoor and Indygo, KeyBe and SEGG, Max Tenrom, Mel7em, Menachem 26, Nacim Gastli, Pandhora, Rafael Aragon, Savvas, Sahalé, Valeron, and Veytik.

Divided in four parts, each one showcases 5 tracks representing a different season of the year. Going from Spring to Winter, through Summer and Fall, the sounds move gracefully from soothing electronica and downtempo to the dynamic rhythms of progressive house and melodic techno.

Described as “wide and eclectic”, Art Vibes is a record label with a soundscape ranging from downtempo to melodic techno.

‘Art Vibes Reworks II’ is out now, buy and stream here. Also, a special double-vinyl release will be available soon, sign up here.


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