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Association For Electronic Music Announces Measures Against Sexual Harassment

Association for Electronic Music announces measures against sexual harassment

The organization begins to create professional standards in the industry regarding the subject.

The Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) presented the Code of Conduct against sexual harassment and gender discrimination, which was created together with more than 220 companies, including SheSaid.So and ADE, and in association with media outlets such as Mixmag, DJ Mag, RA, Beatportal, and Attack Magazine.

‘We want to generate a culture of electronic music in which all those involved feel safe, respected, and free from sexual harassment and risk of aggression, to guarantee safe environments for fans and professionals, and advocate for a culture of support for victims of harassment and assault’, explained Greg Marshall, CEO of AFEM.

The call of the association and all its allies is to invite the industry so that when harassment or discrimination is observed, one should intervene to stop the behavior as soon as possible, support those who speak, and report the behavior in accordance with the wishes of the victim.

Additionally, a confidential sexual harassment support service for the electronic music industry-sponsored by AFEM will be offered at Health Assured. To receive it, you can call 0800 030 5182 and outside the UK: +44 800 030 5182, indicating that you are calling as a member of AFEM.

Check the Code of Conduct against Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination here.

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