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Aubrey Fry returns to Bedrock with ‘The Loop’

Featuring two takes on the same concept.

Aubrey Fry is returning to John Digweed’s Bedrock Records with the drop of his brand new EP, ‘The Loop’. The record is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms.

Following up on the release of his acclaimed ‘Dystopia’ EP, Fry’s ‘The Loop’ finds the producer in dazzling form as he imagines a mesmerizing array of highly detailed soundscapes and moving melodies that ignite the imagination. In its ‘Extra-Vaganza AF’ mix, ‘The Loop’ takes on a more menacing shape for the late-nite outings with a bold frame and darker ambiances.

‘I wrote the bare bones of ‘The Loop’ in a day. From a compositional standpoint, the idea was to use a single loop of music to create a track. I spent some time crafting the performance of the track and making the flow of the sound work over time into a looped arrangement. It’s not something I’d normally do, but I sent it to a couple of friends before I’d started adding drums – just the bare-bones arrangement. One of them immediately left me a message and suggested I do a beatless mix, as it was already sounding amazing. I think I must have known this deep down as I wouldn’t have sent it out like that otherwise, so I decided to be bold and keep the original track beatless.’ explains Aubrey Fry about the songwriting process.

Listen to Aubrey Fry’s ‘The Loop’ below, and purchase your copy of the record here.

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