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Aubrey Fry lands on Bedrock with ‘Dystopia’

This is his debut EP on John Digweed’s label.

After almost 15 years, Brighton legend Aubrey Fry is back on the circuit, and once again on one of the UK leading imprints like Bedrock Records. Having already participated in John Digweed’s ‘Quattro II’ back in March, the DJ and producer now returns to the label with his first solo EP, ‘Dystopia’.

‘I wrote my ‘Dystopia’ EP while deep in the pandemic lockdown living in the Black Mountains, Wales. I had been watching a load of dystopian films and TV and life was like living through a film as the dystopian scenes from around the world were beamed over the 6 o’clock news each day. Even the silence of the countryside in Wales was heightened, it was defanging, and making music was the only meaningful outlet I had to keep me sane. I hope to hear my music played in some clubs in the future, they were all wrote using my Funktion One sound system as my monitor so they should sound optimal in a nightlife scene’, explains Aubrey about the inspiration for the 4 track release.

Aubrey Fry’s ‘Dystopia’ EP is out now. Listen to it below, and grab your copy here.

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