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Audiofly announce their split after 22 years

“What a journey. We started together as kids and 20 years later it all feels like a dream.”

Audiofly, formed by Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito, have just announced that they will be parting ways after 22 years as a DJ & production duo.

Their story goes back to London in the year 2000 when Anthony was on a sabbatical from the club scene and was trying to co-organize a new type of live music event which evidentially never took off. Out of budget, Luca, who was fresh to the trade, offered to DJ for free in exchange for some studio time. A week later Luca turned up at Ant’s house with an MC505 and some parts to a remix and they haven’t been able to escape each other since.

Now, after 22 years together, they have collectively decided to stop touring as Audiofly. The intention is for each to explore their own creative path, and place focus on their mental and physical health, having both admitted to needing a slower pace.

“Your health is not infinite and the less you look after yourself, the quicker you go down the slope. The DJ life is brutal both mentally and physically and not enough focus is put on health as other aspects of this career,” they both agree when speaking about the motivations behind the split.

“Health aside, it’s important as a musician to be ‘as’ inspired as the people we play to or risk creative death, so we need to move away from this comfortable paradigm, risk it all and see what we can do alone,” they added.

The pair intends to keep record label and Flying Circus events alive, and do not rule out the occasional Burning Man reunion.

You can check out their remaining dates as Audiofly and listen to their EG Podcast below.

  • 18 Nov – Ignite Glass Studios – Chicago, US
  • 19 Nov – Gospel – New York, US
  • 25 Nov – Sasha Club – Mexico City, Mexico
  • 27 Nov – Art With Me (Ant Only) – Miami, US
  • 02 Dec – Private Club Cologny – Geneva, Switzerland
  • 03 Dec – NOM – Barcelona, Spain
  • 10 Dec – Surf Club – Dubai, UAE
  • 11 Dec – World Cup Tour (Pop up outdoor festival) – Doha, Qatar
  • 13 Dec – World Cup Tour (Pop up outdoor festival) – Doha, Qatar
  • 31 Dec – Flying Circus + Incendia Burning Man Camp – Tulum, Mexico

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