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AURES Sensorium London Creates A New Technological Experience

AURES Sensorium London creates a new technological experience

“Creating immersive spaces through technology and science”

The world’s first fully 5 sensory immersive venues for arts and events have come to London. Creating all the sensory memories by capturing the all five of the audience’s senses: optic (sight), olfactory (scent), echoic (sound), gustatory (taste), haptic (feeling).

Haptics is broadly defined as recreating the sense of touch through forces, vibrations, and motions. Pioneer Pro Audio has partnered with Aures Sensorium to help deliver exceptional binaural soundscapes that will aid in the collaboration between artists and musicians. The venues are equipped from wall to wall & even ceiling high with a combination of Pioneer Pro Audio XY’s and XY Gorgon 5’s to help support a variety of high and low frequencies. All speakers are perfectly positioned for the maximum biomechanical hearing processes.

A kaleidoscope of sound, lights and color create an atmosphere that immediately satisfies the audience. Performances will include holograms, 3D mapping, 3D intelligent lighting, scent fusions, and rest assured seasonal food & drink are also available. It invites a mecca of wondrous emotions that leaves you at the whim of the elements and not even in the same zip code as reality. Tripping aside, predictions foresee this being the holy grail of clubbing experiences.

It’s time to put the typical stereophonic sound to bed and start integrating these technological advancements into the creative arts and live performance industry. The comradery between the technology, ingenuity and dynamic use of venue space will be revolutionary to the London scenes.

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