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Avision – What You Wanted – On Edge Society

Coming straight out of New York, DJ and producer Avision brings us What You Wanted, his thundering second E.P. on local label On Edge Society, run by Kareem Cali and Carlo Lio and specializing in the harder styles of techno music. Three original tracks and a remix of the title cut by none other than DJ Rush make up a well-rounded, party-starting package.

Starting off with the thumping, pounding beats of What You Wanted, we are met with a shuffling snare pattern right from the get-go, gaining momentum as it’s joined by a heavy bass and kick drum combination which envelopes everything around it, sucking you in like a black hole until a menacing vocal sample suddenly comes up to hit you in the face. To me, that’s the sound of proper techno.

Next comes DJ Rush´s remix of ‘What You Wanted’, which pretty much covers everything we can all expect from this techno legend, from its hard-as-nails jacking beat to its madness-inducing repetition, making it a perfect tune to drop during those peak-time sets.

The third cut off the E.P. is ‘Complicated’, and it showcases a more modular style of techno, which also starts spiraling out of control as the tune progresses. The vocal sample used here is very effectively spread throughout, providing a perfect counterpart to the absolute mayhem created by the wrestling beats and synths.

Closing off the E.P. is ‘Foolers’, which continues in the industrial style that permeates the entire E.P. Only this time, the beat turns funkier and comes accompanied by stabs, effects and vocal samples that give the track a house-y feel, making for a very interesting fusion that also uses repetition to pound itself into your brain and make you lose yourself to the rhythm.

On ‘What You Wanted’, Avision brings a bit of old-school flavor to techno, favoring more metallic sounds and textures which give his tunes a sense of rawness and hard, shiny edges that nonetheless carry an irresistible groove.

Avision’s ‘What You Wanted’ is already available via On Edge Society. Grab your copy here.

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