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Axel Giova selects his top 10 emotive tracks on rotation

Buenos Aires-born DJ and producer Axel Giova is known as an artist with a lot of energy, both in his creations and in the cabin.

Photo Credit: Axel Giova – Official

 Influenced by the music of Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, The Doors, and Radiohead, Axel Giova has gone on to release music for some of the most respected brands on the progressive and melodic circuit, including Freegrant Music, Steyoyoke, and Omnia Recs.

To celebrate the release of Axel Giova’s ‘Vision’ on Steyoyoke, the Argentine artist selects his Top 10 emotive tracks on rotation.

1. Axel Giova – Vision

“My latest release in which I explore transformation and movement through dance.” 

2. German Case – Architect

“An amazing track that takes you on a hypnotic trip.”

3. Rodriguez Jr. – Kilian

“This track is made up of sounds that create a loving moment on the dancefloor.” 

4. Ziger, Mind Conspiracy – The Light

“A hypnotic song that generates a beautiful moment in the crowd.” 

5. Airba feat. Aves Volare – Hold

“A beautiful closing track.” 

6. Axel Giova – Jarre

“A track that is already 2 years old, but that I created with a lot of love for a hopeful moment.” 

7. andhim – Nice To Meet You

“This one takes your soul for a joyful ride.” 

8. Ric Niels – Estalactitas

“Hypnotic melodies that generate a moment of suspension in the air.” 

9. Peter Voko – Energy

“A track that achieves positive and inspiring emotions on the dancefloor.” 

10. René Diehl – Nexus

“Sweet voices that bring you peace in the middle of a set.” 

Axel Giova’s ‘Vision’ is out now via Steyoyoke. Purchase your copy here.

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