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Back From The Wave & Endrik Schroeder – RAW – Mélopée Records

French retrofuturistic label Mélopée Records is back on the scene with the drop of Back From The Wave & Endrik Schroeder’s ‘RAW’ EP. Signaling the Lyon-based imprint’s 25th release, ‘RAW’ finds the Mélopée bosses in top form as they unveil a new, two-track collaborative outing that is bound to provide some serious earthquakes.

As we press play, solid ripples draw us inside a heavy-handed beat as we are shrouded by a resonating drone and razor-sharp arpeggios. In a dense and heady hue, Back From The Wave and Endrik Schroeder pace themselves for a second before unleashing an absolute dancefloor weapon that ascends to higher grounds on the back of celestial voices and a beast of a lead riff. A most compelling hybrid that treads between techno and rock, ‘Raw’ is as primal and dangerous as it sounds.

In the second act, Back From The Wave and Endrik Schroeder present us with ‘Acid Control’. As the title suggests, the pair find themselves treading a more narcotic ground. Sporting dazzling hints of dub, techno, and some truly exquisite vocal work, ‘Acid Control’ boasts a similar energy to ‘Raw’, but serves as a perfect counterpart, while showcasing the broad sonic palette the duo is able to conjure throughout the release.

The first remix of ‘Raw’ comes courtesy of collaborative outfit Nouveau Futur, who envision the titular cut under darker lights as they conjure a throbbing bassline that runs amok over a concrete beat. Here, meandering sonic fireworks take center stage for a dazzling take that effortlessly traverses through intoxicating vocals and eerie melodic flourishes for a monumental night drive.

Come curtain call, we find Fabrizio Mammarella’s take on ‘Acid Control’, a gun-slinging interpretation that is built on some impressive drum work as it lays the foundation for an all-out blitz that overloads the senses in tantalizing fashion. Brimming with grit, Mammarella’s remix of ‘Acid Control’ amplifies the original signal in true underground fashion as it ups the ante for a scorching finale.

Back From The Wave & Endrik Schroeder’s new ‘RAW’ EP is out now via Mélopée Records. Purchase your copy here.

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