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BAILE Releases On Last Night On Earth Featuring Two Sasha Remixes

BAILE releases on Last Night on Earth featuring two Sasha Remixes

One of the tracks was included on Sasha’s latest fabric compilation.

BAILE is about to drop his new material on Last Night On Earth titled ‘Amae’.

The three-track EP marks the return of the American artists to the label, featuring the collaboration of Felicia Douglass and including two Sasha remixes.

“I was ecstatic to have the chance to remix Sasha’s track ‘Singularity’ at the start of the year but, it’s a real honor to have him now return the favor and remix a track of mine for his fabric 99 compilation. He’s put an amazing spin on the original that floored me the first time I heard it.” said BAILE.

‘Amae’ will be available on July 20th. Listen to the ‘Sasha fabric1999 Mix’ below.


1. BAILE – Amae feat. Felicia Douglass (Original Mix)
2. BAILE – Amae feat. Felicia Douglass (Sasha fabric1999 mix)
3. BAILE – Amae feat. Felicia Douglass (Sasha fabric2099 Mix)

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