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Bambi Rambo takes listeners through time and space on ‘Chaos Magick’

Out now via DistroKid.

Photo credit: Bambi Rambo – Official

Bambi Rambo, the indie house producer, has recently released her second single titled ‘Chaos Magick’, which is now available through DistroKid.

With her recognizable sound, Bambi Rambo combines various music styles. The track takes listeners on a journey through time and space, with its pulsating house rhythm and intertwined spoken vocals. ‘Chaos Magick’ features captivating synth melodies and catchy arpeggios.

Rambo’s musical signature is a vibrant fusion of neo-pop and old-school rave. Her music is characterized by pulsating basslines, resonant 303s, cosmic arpeggiators, and a rich tapestry of textures, all accompanied by ethereal vocals.

In regards to her latest single, Bambi  Rambo explained, “It’s a track that embodies my ideal vision of a rave in a field or a beach party in Goa. Sonically, it incorporates elements from the early trance vibe, such as the pads and arps… The global rise of the rave movement has always held a special place in my mind as a symbol of freedom and liberation; a carefree and joyful dance with a powerful message of freedom and equality. This track aims to convey that. It is a light and uplifting dancefloor piece with a deeper message as well.”

Listen to ‘Chaos Magick’ below and download your copy here.

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