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Banksy unveils new mural in North London

The artwork, depicting a tree and a green wall, symbolizes a call for environmental recovery.

Photo Credit: Banksy – Instagram

Banksy has confirmed the creation of a new mural in North London, which appeared this past Sunday. Located on Hornsey Road in Finsbury, the artwork combines natural and urban elements, featuring a tree image crafted from trimmed tree remnants and a green spray-painted wall.

The mural, shared on the artist’s official Instagram, quickly attracted attention and sparked debate over whether it was indeed another masterpiece from the elusive street artist. Local opinions are split, with some delighted to host Banksy’s latest work, while others fear potential rent increases due to heightened interest in the area.

Banksy’s art, known for its emotive and political themes, has led to various interpretations of this latest piece. Some locals see a connection between the green shade used and both the Borough of Islington and St. Patrick’s Day. However, Banksy expert James Peak offered a more provocative interpretation to the BBC, suggesting the artwork serves as a stark reminder that “Nature’s struggling and it’s up to us to help it grow back”.

Banksy’s influence continues to grow. His first solo exhibition in 14 years, showcasing his artistic development from 1998 to the present, attracted record numbers in Glasgow. A 2003 interview, in which he revealed his real name as ‘Robbie’, was also discovered last year, adding to the artist’s mystique.


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