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Batavia Collective & Mohammed Kamga drop ‘Affirmation’

Out now via R&S.

Jakarta-based trio Batavia Collective, known for combining a no-nonsense attitude with the sophistication of jazz and soul, have shared their latest single, ‘Affirmation’. The new release, featuring a live and a studio take of the single, is available to stream and purchase via R&S.

‘Affirmation’, which features vocals by Mohammed Kamga, tops up the trio’s free-spirited sound with smooth and dynamic melodies, as the single showcases a mixture of free-handed jazz over a D&B inspired pulse that unravels into a sultry left-field ride that feels infectious and heady.

Listen to ‘Batavia Collective – Affirmation feat. Kamga’ below, and purchase your copy of the EP here.

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