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Be Svendsen premieres new video for ‘Hazy Eyes’

Following ‘Flint’ published in March ’20.

Be Svendsen is back with a brand new video for ‘Hazy Eyes’, a track included on his latest album ‘Between a Smile and a Tear’, released in October 2018

This time, for the low-sung cut that sees Svendsen step out of the hecticness of a dancefloor, we take a stroll with the Danish artist, as he seems to wonder aimlessly through cities and fields, with nothing but the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Like most of his music, ‘Hazy Eyes’ is fueled by a mix of nostalgia and obscurity, shrouded in a veil of mystery. With a drumline that meanders effortlessly like a horse on a desert and a bassline filled with that 70’s twang, the track feels dusty and familiar, as a two-liner vocal comes and goes like the wind, echoing forevermore.

Be Svendsen’s sophomore LP is set for 2021, with a run of singles launching in April this year.

Watch the video below and grab your copy here.


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