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Beacon Bloom premieres video for ‘Nothing Here But You’

A fever dream of vivid color and fantastical characters.

Since launching in 2018, Beacon Bloom are fast becoming one of New Zealand’s most sought-after electronic acts. Taking inspiration from the best of European nightlife, the genre-fluid outfit continue to push the boundaries of music and multimedia in both the virtual and physical worlds, and now, Beacon Bloom are dropping their first music video ever for their latest single, ‘Nothing Here But You’, which will be out on Australia and New Zealand imprint Beat & Path, along with a remix by Jamie Stevens & Uone.

A collaboration between Whisko Creative and Extremekid Productions, the one-take video is a fever dream of vivid color and fantastical characters, set in a stunning New Zealand backdrop – Alice in Wonderland meets Steampunk. Those paying close attention to the video may discover an offramp to the Beacon Bloom Metaverse, a space that blends narratives and virtual worlds; cryptocurrency and NFTs; live and virtual shows; and a memeplex of mysteries moving through the virtual world to the physical and back again.

‘Nothing Here But You’ is the felt experience of mania, of the breakdown of consensus reality, of the conviction that you are the only thing in existence’ say Beacon Bloom about the meaning behind their new single.

‘Nothing Here But You’ was originally premiered in VR at ALTERED STATE – a virtual art event by NFT marketplace Charged Particles. The event featured 10 artists, crypto giveaways, and a music performance by live house act IMT. Beacon Bloom presented their first collection of NFTs at ALTERED STATE – some of which are featured in the music video for ‘Nothing Here But You’, allowing collectors to gain special access to the Beacon Bloom metaverse or to own a unique piece of Beacon Bloom history. 10% of the initial sale of each NFT will be donated to charities including The Orangutan Foundation and Regenerative Agriculture.

Watch the video for Beacon Bloom’s ‘Nothing Here But You’ below, and pre-order your copy here.

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